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Intermediates and APIs:
Staffed with the most professional organic chemists, Aktin's R&D Team can develop the APIs in a predictable time frame and enlarge its production to semi-commercial and commercial production in our state of the art facilities.

Catalog Number Compound Name CAS No. MF
AKA-11 Osimertinib mesylate intermediate 1 1421372-94-2 C20H16FN5O3
AKA-12 Osimertinib mesylate 1421373-66-1 C29H37N7O5S
AKA-13 Olaparib intermediate 763114-26-7 763114-26-7 C16H11FN2O3
AKA-14 Olaparib 763113-22-0 C24H23FN4O3
AKA-15 2-Bromo-5-hydroxybenzaldehyde 2973-80-0 C7H5BrO2
AKA-16 4-(4-Bromo-3-formylphenoxy)benzonitrile 906673-54-9 C14H8BrNO2
AKA-17 4-(4-bromo-3-(hydroxymethyl)phenoxy)benzonitrile 906673-45-8 C14H10BrNO2
AKA-18 Crisaborole 906673-24-3 C14H10BNO3
AKA-19 7-Methoxycoumarin 531-59-9 C10H8O3
AKA-20 7-Dehydrocholesterol 434-16-2 C27H44O
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