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Phytochemicals Catalog:
With better understanding of the botanical world with years going by and better equipment of modern facilities in our labs, we are adding more and more high purity phytochemicals in our catalog to serve the industries and academia.

Catalog Number Compound Name CAS No. MF
APC-061 Caproic acid 142-62-1 C6H12O2
APC-063 Catalpol 2415-24-9 C15H22O10
APC-064 Catechin 18829-70-4 C15H14O6
APC-0641 (+)-Catechin Hydrate 225937-10-0 C15H16O7
APC-065 Caudatin 38395-02-7 C27H40O7
APC-067 Chelerythrine 34316-15-9 C21H18NO4
APC-071 Chrysophanol 481-74-3 C15H10O4
APC-072 Cinnamic Acid 140-10-3 C9H8O2
APC-073 Cinobufagin 470-37-1 C26H34O6
APC-074 Ciwujianoside B 114902-16-8 C58H92O25
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