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Manufacturer of Isolated Pure Compounds and Intermediates

Since early 1990s, Aktin scientists have successfully isolated and purified hundreds of compounds from the natural resources in our state of the art laboratory facilities and pilot plants. As a responsible leader in organic chemistry, we have been supplying the industries and academia with reliable reference materials and bulk ingredients for more than 15 years.

Starting from renting pilot plants and semi-commercial manufacturing facilities to enlarge our production of active compounds in the early years, Aktin has now owned 2 GMP plants and 4 contract factories in Sichuan China, supplying our customers from milligram scale of research materials to multiple tons of bulk ingredients.

For some commercially valuable compounds, if they are very expensive or ecologically destructive to be extracted and isolated from natural resource, Aktin would research the industrial synthesis route and synthesize them for you in our GMP certified facilities.