Molecular Structure:    
  • Cat. #:    AKI-33
  • Product:    Resveratrol
  • CAS No.:    501-36-0
  • Molecular Formula:    C14H12O3
  • Molecular Weight:    228.2433
  • Chemical Name:    trans-3,5,4'-Trihydroxystilbene
  • Plant Source:    Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc.sp
  • Part Used:    rhizomes
  • Specification:    50%;98%min 99%min
  • Availability:    In stock
  • Biological Activity:    Cardioprotective effects;Antidiabetic effects and antioxiant effects
    Product References:     We have the regular stock both in China and in Las Angeles the USA for prompt shipment.

We use the food grade ethanol and the purified water to perform the extraction and purification. The spay drying and the packing is operated in the GMP standard clean workshop to ensure there is no extra contaminants.
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