Molecular Structure:    
  • Cat. #:    AKA-125
  • Product:    Bilirubin
  • CAS No.:    635-65-4
  • Molecular Formula:    C33H36N4O6
  • Molecular Weight:    584.66214 [g/mol]
  • Plant Source:    Pig Bile
  • Specification:    99%min
  • Availability:    In stock
  • OtherName:    Hematoidin, Bilirubin IX-alpha, Hemetoidin, Principal bile pigment
    Product References:    

Locaded in Sichuan province, with the largest pig breeding base in China, we have unlimited supply of pig bile to manufacture the Bilirubin first, and then use the leftover bile extracts to manufacture the Hyodeoxycholic acid (With GMP Certificate) and then the Chenodeoxycholic Acid.

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