Biochanin A

Molecular Structure:    
  • Cat. #:    APC-322
  • Product:    Biochanin A
  • CAS No.:    491-80-5
  • Molecular Formula:    C16H12O5
  • Molecular Weight:    284.263480g/mol
  • Chemical Name:    5,7-dihydroxy-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)chromen-4-one
  • Specification:    98%min by HPLC
  • Availability:    In Stock for prompt delivery
    Product References:     Our Biochanin A is naturally extracted and purified from the Red Clover and its purification, drying & packing is in the GMP standard clean workshop. For any inquries pls email us at any time or call us 86-28-85159085 in our office hours.
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