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Phytochemicals Catalog:
With better understanding of the botanical world with years going by and better equipment of modern facilities in our labs, we are adding more and more high purity phytochemicals in our catalog to serve the industries and academia.

Catalog Number Compound Name CAS No. MF
APC-1291 Guajadial 959860-49-2 C30H34O5
APC-1292 Naringenin 7-O-glucoside 529-55-5 C21H22O10
APC-1293 Ergolide 54999-07-4 C17H22O5
APC-1294 Rebaudioside O 1220616-48-7 C62H100O37
APC-1295 Rebaudioside F 438045-89-7 C43H68O22
APC-1296 Rebaudioside B 58543-17-2 C38H60O18
APC-1297 Loganetin 29748-10-5 C11H16O5
APC-1298 Rebaudioside D 63279-13-0 C50H80O28
APC-1299 Salacinol 200399-47-9 C9H18O9S2
APC-1300 Resiniferatoxin 57444-62-9 C37H40O9
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