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Phytochemicals Catalog:
With better understanding of the botanical world with years going by and better equipment of modern facilities in our labs, we are adding more and more high purity phytochemicals in our catalog to serve the industries and academia.

Catalog Number Compound Name CAS No. MF
APC-1141 Chelidonine 476-32-4 C20H19NO5
APC-1142 Angeloylgomisin H 66056-22-2 C28H36O8
APC-1143 Plantainoside D 147331-98-4 C29H36O16
APC-1144 Primulic acid I 65312-86-9 C54H88O23
APC-1145 Primulic acid II 208599-88-6 C59H96O27
APC-1146 Amorphigenin 4208-09-7 C23H22O7
APC-1147 beta-Elemonic acid 28282-25-9 C30H46O3
APC-1148 Aloenin B 106533-41-9 C34H38O17
APC-1149 Isoprocurcumenol 102130-90-5 C15H22O2
APC-1150 Procurcumenol 21698-40-8 C15H22O2
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