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Phytochemicals Catalog:
With better understanding of the botanical world with years going by and better equipment of modern facilities in our labs, we are adding more and more high purity phytochemicals in our catalog to serve the industries and academia.

Catalog Number Compound Name CAS No. MF
APC-1171 Pumiloside 126722-26-7 C26H28N2O9
APC-1172 Miroestrol 2618-41-9 C20H22O6
APC-1173 Cannabichromenic acid 185505-15-1 C22H30O4
APC-1174 Cannabigerovarinic acid 64924-07-8 C20H28O4
APC-1175 Cannabichromevarinic acid 64898-02-8 C20H26O4
APC-1176 Phlorigidoside C 276691-32-8 C17H24O11
APC-1177 8-dehydroxy shanzhiside 1008532-71-5 C16H24O10
APC-1178 Phloyoside II 158599-51-0 C17H25ClO12
APC-1179 Pratensein 2284-31-3 C16H12O6
APC-1180 Withanoside V 256520-90-8 C40H62O14
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